"The Women of the World workshop acted as a launching pad for self-reflection. Since the program, I have been seeking alternative perspectives in order to gain knowledge and increase self-awareness. I’ve been contemplating what I want from the world, what my definition of happiness is, and how I can achieve that. Mary’s workshop was transformational and everything that I didn’t know I was looking for. The activities allow you to open up about yourself while learning about others, and in turn, learning about the world. As a young professional feeling lost, I discovered a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey; albeit, at different stages. It was such a release of pressure to be able to express yourself in a group setting, ask for guidance, and receive intergenerational advice in a non-judgmental setting. I truly look forward to the opportunity to attend similar workshops and apply additional those lessons to my life’s journey."

"The workshop was eye-opening and empowering. Your energy and enthusiasm were invigorating, and your examples and explanations made so many of the concepts (some of which were quite cerebral!) easy to grasp. Your skill as a listener and communicator made us all feel comfortable sharing some of our own stories.

It's so easy to operate on auto pilot, going along the easiest path, without ever stopping to really think about living your best possible life: good relationships, good self-talk, good communication. The workshop made me take a breath and look at ways to understand myself and my brain. It provided me with the knowledge to seek ways to feel happier and more fulfilled. I am so glad I took the time to attend.

Thanks, Mary. You ROCK"

"First, your passion for your subject matter is palpable and infectious!  Your literally jumping for joy as we made connections to our own experiences made me figuratively jump for joy, too!

I have spent part of every day this past week thinking about the class, the sharing, the wonderful blend of attendee experiences
I recommend your program for women of any age wanting to explore emotionally intelligent ways to break through challenges, out of ruts, and out of old patterns whether at paid or volunteer work, or with family. I will fill you in on my journey to greater understanding of myself in this world. Thanks for relighting my fire!"

“It is my pleasure to recommend Mary Eisenstein as a highly skilled, professional mediator... all of the employees felt that the service was so beneficial to the office environment and productivity. All of the employees involved attribute the positive change to Mary Eisenstein's mediation sessions.”

“Over my many years in the non-profit field, I have had countless occasions to see presenters on a variety of issues... I can readily recognize an excellent presenter. When Mary Eisenstein made her presentation, I was impressed with her warmth, clarity, passion and knowledge. The feedback from the participants was the highest of any presenter we have ever had, with numerous requests to have Mary return to do other forums, which is why we have had her do five presentations. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mary Eisenstein, a well-organized, articulate, intelligent, thoughtful and dynamic woman with the strong ability to make powerful presentations.”

“Mary Eisenstein took the time to truly listen to our needs, and was able to develop an outcome-oriented and customized approach for our company. The process honored the individuals and yet focused on the team. We have increased our productivity, were able to push more projects forward and continually communicate more effectively using the communication techniques we learned from the process.”

“Mary Eisenstein presented an enormous amount of useful information and did so in a way that was both enthusiastic and entertaining. Our trainers thoroughly enjoyed learning about conflict resolution and communication. They found the information on generational characteristics to be particularly interesting. All of the information was easy to put to use, making our workplace a more productive and enjoyable place to be. We would recommend Mary to any company or group looking to improve communication, encourage self-growth, and improve productivity.”
K.W. & C.W. 

“I have had the pleasure of working and learning from Mary Eisenstein. Our primary task was resolving disputes among individual labor groups. In this time I have grown to respect her excellent communication skills and professional approach. This, along with her counseling and mediation background, has made her a valuable asset for the employee groups here at Northwest Airlines.”

“My colleagues and I attended the Communications Bootcamp for Woman and even though I have been to other communication workshops, this one was the most productive. Since it is geared specifically towards woman by a woman, there are things that I learned about myself that a general communications workshop could never provide in the way that this one has. Besides the specific gender content, going with colleagues was an added bonus. The techniques and insight we brought back to the office created a support system that has enhanced and continued our growth towards our professional development.”

“Mary Eisenstein provided an array of positive insight and knowledge to enhance growth and inner-thought for each person present at her seminar. She was able to clue in on the yearnings of each individual by carefully listening to their comments and concerns. She captivated us all with her enthusiasm - so much so that the seminar seemed to fly by! The consensus was that Mary sparked a light in our lives that we hope to continue with everyday.”

“The program was a wonderful experience. It helped me to learn many communication techniques that I can use to check my emotions before forming responses. It has already made me more aware of my listener and how I interact with them. I highly recommend it!”

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